Episode 170

AiA 169: NGRX Entities with Jesse Sanders


December 27th, 2017

1 hr 29 mins 37 secs

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Ward Bell

Alyssa Nicoll

Joe Eames


Charles Max Wood

Special Guests: Jesse Sanders

In the episode of Adventures in Angular the panel speaks with Jesse Sanders. Jesse is the CEO of BrieBug, A consulting firm in Denver Colorado. Jesse talks about the interesting challenges his company encounters with helping their clients with form creative solutions. Jesse mentions being a developer for over 20 years and familiarity with many platforms.

Jesse is on the show to talk about NGRZX, Entities, Redux States, etc, the panel asks questions about how this all applies to Angular. Jesse talks about the current complexities and how these tools handle events, components, etc. This is a great episode to learn more about NGRX, Entities, and Redux, and how they used with Angular.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

•What does BrieBug do for its clients?

  • Show what is the state management stuff?
  • Thousand lines of code?
  • Dumb and Smart components
  • Redux? Isn’t that a React Thingy
  • Redux is just a pattern
  • Un-opinionated
  • Nested data
  • Mabex
  • Redux has much ceremony around it…
  • Choosing redux
  • Shared State
  • There is no one sire fits all solution
  • If NGRX was right for us?
  • Combining states
  • Normalizing data first
  • Converting data from ray data
  • Using an adapter
  • Dictionaries
  • Deconstructing
  • How to we make its NGRX pattern easier?
  • Difficulties with the patterns
  • Learning the step zone

•and much more!




  • NG Atlanta
  • Indiegogo for View and React, and Elixir
  • Echo


  • Learning more about View, React, and Angular