Episode 173

AiA 172: The Clarity Project at VMware with Eudes Petonnet-Vincent and Matt Hippely


January 16th, 2018

1 hr 13 mins 51 secs

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Charles Max Wood

Joe Eames

Alyssa Nicoll

Ward Bell

Special Guests: Eudes Petonnet-Vincent and Matt Hippely 

In the episode of Adventures in Angular the panel discusses The Clarity Project at VMware with Eudes Petonnet-Vincent and Matt Hippely. Matt is a user interface engineer and has been working on The Clarity Project for a year. Matt has front experience as well as in many other aspects of the Clarity project. Eudes is a Web UI engineer, and well all piece of the stack in the project. Clarity is an Angular component library and full design system. The panel and guest discuss the build of the Clarity project, bootstrap, VMware, and much more.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • An Angular component library
  • A Full design system
  • Bootstrap
  • Data Grid
  • VMware - open source
  • Consistency
  • Challenges of writing an open-source component library
  • Innovating in Angular since beta
  • The spread across VMware before going open-source
  • Building a competent Library for Angular
  • Building another bootstrap
  • Moving the framework
  • Trust the enforcing of the buttons
  • How did package up a 3rd party library? How is you tackle it?
  • NG packager 
  • Manual Go build
  • Consider option for Clarity React, Clarity Custom Elements
  • and much more!