Episode 196

AiA 195: Angular for Microsoft Developers with Sahil Malik


June 26th, 2018

1 hr 3 mins 50 secs

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Alyssa Nicholl
  • Ward Bell

Special Guests: Sahil Malik

In this episode, the Adventures in Angular panelists discuss Angular for Microsoft developers with Sahil Malik. Sahil is a developer that has been in the Microsoft and Angular space for many years. He has been writing for CODE Magazine as well for many years and you can find his articles here. They talk about what he means by the term “Microsoft developer,” Visual Studio vs VS Code, and the pros to using Angular as a Microsoft developer. They also touch on how these developers can transition over to using Angular, the importance of having an open mind to other ways of doing things, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Sahil intro
  • Writes for CODE Magazine
  • What do you mean by a Microsoft developer?
  • Azure and Linux
  • .NET Rocks!
  • Microsoft Build
  • Visual Studio
  • Angular is a natural progression for someone in the Microsoft world
  • ngrx and ngrx-data
  • VS Code is a fantastic editor
  • Visual Studio vs VS Code
  • VS Code has plugins for everything!
  • How has working with Angular felt as a Microsoft world
  • His experience in the Microsoft landscape
  • Feels more productive in an HTML based UI
  • XAML
  • Angular shines because it can acage things tightly
  • TypeScript
  • How should Microsoft developers transition over to Angular?
  • Open yourself to the idea of change
  • Get familiarized with node-based development
  • AI
  • And much, much more!






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