Episode 209

AiA 208: From Custom Webpack Build to Angular CLI with Martin Jakubik


September 25th, 2018

54 mins 57 secs

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  • Alyssa Nicholl
  • Joe Eames
  • John Papa
  • Ward Bell

Special Guests: Martin Jakubik

In this episode, the Adventures in Angular panel talk with Martin Jakubik and he has been working with Angular for the last three years. He has one large and one small Angular application, which the panel talks about.

Show Topics:

2:31 – Alyssa likes to be called...

2:40 – Alyssa: You have a large and small application – what makes it small? Is it the user-base?

2:56 – Martin: It is one module out of ten or twenty components.

2: 59 – Panelist: Only 1 Angular module?

3:47 – Panelist: Joe went off on how much he hates modules. I am sorry JP we had to throw that in that?

4:04 – Joe: I am an anti-modulist.

4:11 – Martin: Just one module.

4:21 – Panelist: When you are building an application with one module – start us from the beginning, what does it look like?

4:38 – Martin: It is actually quite special. It has to run in an iFrame, and all it does it allows the user to add into the experiment.

5:05 – Alyssa: Is it like a CMS?

5:10 – Martin: It is like Google Optimize. The application is quite simple and every component is in that one module.

5:36 – Panelist: How many do you have?

5:44 – Martin: There are less than 10 services and 20 components at most.

5:57 – Panelist: I feel personally, I feel like that I a decent size?

6:11 – Panelist: That makes perfect sense. If there is no routing or nothing...

6:40 – Panelist: Asks a question, and clarifies the question to Martin.

7:48 – Panelist: It is nice and clean.

7:55 – Panelist: I do, too.

8:08 – Alyssa: How new is it?

8:15 – Panelist: June/July?

8:32 – Martin: I am using the new style.

9:01 – Panelist: I am leery of using it.

9:13 - Panelist: I would like to clarify. When you mention you have 20 components...

9:40 - Panelist: Do it.

10:34 – Panelist: Webpack. Can you explain what that is and how you solved it?

10:57 – Martin: I don’t think I did anything special. I wanted to know how it works. I used webpack and used their configurations. Several months into the project then I...

11:40 – Panelist: Why did you decide not to use the CLI? This is like an Iron Man thing.

11:55 – Panelist: I think it’s a pain thing.

12:05 – Martin: I wanted to know how it works.

12:32 – Martin: I started from scratch, I can’t remember.

12:44 – Panelist: Whenever I use webpack it makes my head spin.

12:56 – Martin: The application was very simple. I was doing more blogging.

13:45 – Panelist: It is doing more configurations on the fly for you. It’s wonderful if it works and if it doesn’t work then I don’t know what you’d do.

14:17 – Martin: That’s why I did it, so I can appreciate all the magic.

14:30 – Panelist: How big is big?

14:36 – Martin: Enterprise level. 100 different components.

15:06 – Panelist chimes in.

15:13 – Panelist: That is complex.

15:28 – Panelist: let’s add more modules to add to the complexity...

15:55 – Alyssa: When you took your app to the CLI was that hard?

16:06 – Martin: That took me one whole day. The module is so simple that’s why.

16:32 – Panelist talks about this topic.

17:39 – Panelist asks a question.

17:53 – Panelist: Fixing any problem ... ever work on tooling help people if they have their stuff in the right file name?

18:18 – Martin: I used Cypress.

18:58 – Panelist: Under what situation would you recommend it to anyone? Do it your own webpack configuration?

19:23 – Martin: Only if...

19:51 – Alyssa: What if you wanted to add a watermark to each file, do you have to stop adding the CLI?

20:13 – Panelist: So am I...what are the boundaries, I don’t know what they are? I’m curious.

20:41 – Panelist: Are you asking, Alyssa, how you would customize it?

21:09 – Panelist: You won’t loose all the features that you get. You now elected out of that place where they had it; webpack configurations.

22:12 – Panelist: What happened to it ejecting? How do you get it out of there?

22:26 – Good question! I have – I like to play with scissors.

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23:32 – Panelist reads a message from the company.

How do you get that voice?

24:10 – First you have to have a really deep sinus cold.

25:00 – Panelist: Do you live without eject? I really don’t care. What I care about...Scratch that! I want to know what kinds of things you can’t do with a CLI that would drive you to do your own application? What other things could you not do in webpack.

25:50 – Martin: I wanted to see how it works.

25:56 – Panelist: Now I use CLI and all it’s features except testing. I use Cypress completely separate than CLI.

26:46 – Panelist: I feel like it’s talking to the one person without a cellphone.

27:01 – Panelist: Wow! I had no concept that life could be like that! I thought you had to have a cellphone.

27:29  – Martin: What does anyone use the CLI for anyways?

27:44 – Martin: I use it for unit tests.

27:52 – Panelist: Another question.

28:30 – Alyssa: You write things out by hand because it’s easier?!

28:44 – Panelist: You copy, and paste and it’s less work.

29:06 – Panelist: It feels easier.

29:22 – Joe: No, I am serious.

29:48 – Joe: Yes, I am amazing.

30:30 – Martin talks about another topic.

30:48 – Alyssa: When you generate a component do you put it into a different file?

31:29 – Panel: We are all friends here and we aren’t shaming anyone here. We are joking here.

32:00 – Alyssa: It’s that he can write it from memory.

33:08 – Panelist: I have been using Vue lately.

He also talks about Angular and mentions Sarah Drasner, too.

34:26 – Panelist: Not everyone has a memory like him, though.

35:32 – Panelist: The fourth version of Renderer.

36:28 – Panelist: We are not talking about Nirvana the band, here.

36:46 – Alyssa: It will be the new Renderer. It’s out for you to try. Check out Angular Air. He was trying out IB yourself right now. People are flipping out about it. I am excited to see how my Angular app runs differently now. Here is the code that was generated, here is the code that...

I am not sure that there is a promise date. Any secrets heads-up on when it will come out?

38:22 – Panelist: The big question what does this mean for my existing code? Do I have to change my existing code?

38:48 – Alyssa: The Angular team is working so that there are minimal changes. I don’t have a good answer. NGGC. For third-party libraries you run it through and it...

I don’t know what that means for the community.

39:49 – Panelist: My hope is that they...

40:03 – Alyssa: For your third-party...

40:18 – Panelist: Question: between your small and large pack? What architectural differences are there?

40:44 – Martin: I have a template edit.

41:03 – Panelist: Come to my...

41:32 – Panel talks about talks that Jon can do.

42:13 – Panelist: True story...

The panel is having fun going back and forth with jokes.

43:03 – Panelist: This kind of stuff creeps into production code. That’s the great thing about copy and paste.

43:21 – Panelist: We had a rule, though, if it happens more than once let’s put into our build.

44:20 – It’s 3 hours if you have a CI process, if you don’t...

44:33 – Console.log

44:49 – Martin chimes in.

45:14 – Panelist: Let’s talk about an iFrame in your app?

45:27 – Martin: The point is to be able to do it with any...

Make sure that it doesn’t collide.

The CSS wasn’t separated.

I had to put my application inside an iFrame.

46:27 – Panelist: Thanks for coming on for us, Martin.

46:37 – Picks!

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