Episode 229

AiA 228: Issues with the Title, Front End Web Dev


February 26th, 2019

45 mins 56 secs

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  • Alyssa Nicoll
  • Joe Eames
  • Charles Wood

Episode Summary

This weeks panel, Charles Wood, Alyssa Nicholl, and Joe Eames discuss 2 articles: 1st The Great Divide by Chris Coyier and 2nd Tales of a Non-Unicorn by Laura Schenk. These articles tell of the broad meaning for “Front-End Web Developer” talking of how “HTML + CSS along with JavaScript” all fall under the same title causing confusion with job interviews and even once a developer gets into the job. It is neat to hear perspectives of Alyssa Nicholl and Joe Eames together as Alyssa is more on the HTML/CSS side of Web Dev and Joe Eames is more with the JavaScript side.

The panel also discusses difficulties with interviewing for jobs. Charles Wood leads a discussion on what the interviewers could improve on in hiring the people they actually want. The panel shares experiences of not getting jobs for reasons that are not super valid. They also touch on the pay difference between the 2 sides of the “WebDev” job description.



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