Episode 237

AiA 236: Getting Deeper into then CLI with Dave Müllerchen


April 23rd, 2019

55 mins 21 secs

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  • Aaron Frost

Special Guests: Dave Müllerchen and Mike Brocchi

Episode Summary

Dave Mullerchen is a freelancer from Germany and does a lot of Angular workshops. Mike Brocchi works for Ultimate Software and works with Stencil to provide framework agnostic web components as a design language system. Today the panel is discussing the Angular CLI.

Mike talks about exactly what Stencil.js is, a set of tools to spit out raw web components made by the Ionic folks. They discuss how Angular Elements stacks up to Stencil. Dave talks about the most important things the community needs to know about the Angular CLI, most importantly it can save you a lot of money. They each talk about their history with the CLI, and how they found that it increased speed and decreased bundle size. The panel finds Angular is less teachable than other languages, but the CLI is the key to making Angular teachable

They go into detail about how the CLI can save money. They talk about some of the schematics available in the CLI and their usefulness, and which are their favorites. They end by mentioning that the schematics work off the file system, so it’s not angular specific, and that the CLI makes discoverable schematics and can run analytics.



Aaron Frost:

Shai Reznik:

  • HBO’s Crashing

Dave Müllerchen:

Mike Brocchi:

  • "ng doc ______" to search angular.io docs via the command line

  • Live Share from the Visual Studio team, now out of preview