Episode 63

063 AiA Live Q&A From October 7th, 2015


October 15th, 2015

1 hr 1 min 42 secs

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02:39 - When is Angular 2 out? Do you feel like other frameworks (React) are becoming more popular and that people are moving over to them? Will people come back to Angular?

21:01 - How can you convince a client to pick Angular over something else like React?

26:19 - Should I continue learning Angular 1 or move on to Angular 2? Will there still be jobs where I can use Angular 1 after Angular 2 is released?

27:38 - To Typescript or not to Typescript?

33:02 - How do you integrate third-party libraries like Firebase or D3 into an NG2 app, taking into account that NG2 runs on one-way dataflow paradigm fueled by an Rx implementation?

36:14 - The Typescript autocomplete/help, etc. that we were discussing before: what tools or IDEs are we talking about?

38:26 - What is the current state of the Angular 2 router?

46:08 - Any really good recent D3/Angular resources? What are some things to look at in regards to performance when implementing D3 with Angular?

49:40 - How do you structure a really large Angular application?


Angular 2 (Patrick)
Angular Tips (Patrick)
Observables and the Angular 2 HTTP library (Rob)
Go find yourself a local Hackathon (Ward)
Visual Studio Code (John)
Rob’s Angular Remote Conf talk (Lukas)
The Introduction to Reactive Programming series on Egghead.io (Lukas)
Periscope (Chuck)
Magnus SnapPod Compact Tabletop Tripod (Chuck)
ChargerCity MegaGrab2 Easy-Adjust Smartphone Holder Mount & 360º Swivel Adjustment Selfie Video Recording Camera Tripod Adapter (Chuck)