Getting Rid Of If Statements with OOP - AiA 337


January 13th, 2022

27 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

IF you don’t want to use If statements, THEN what? We’ve got you. In this episode, Charles sits down with Yiu Pang (Leo) Chan, a software developer whose expertise in Angular has helped hospitals weather the COVID storm on their systems. They talk about Leo’s go-to tips for building a robust dashboard, the biggest way Angular changed Leo’s game, and Leo’s #1 choice for building stacks in 2022.

“OOP summarizes things very well and gives the user quick insight to see how it’s performing. It’s a brand new approach that’s helped me brainstorm more creatively.”
- Yiu Pang (Leo) Chan

In This Episode

Leo’s go-to tips for building an intuitive and powerful dashboard
How COVID forced Leo to think beyond if-statements and go beyond the norm
The BIGGEST way that Angular and OOP changed Leo’s game and simplified his workflow
Leo’s #1 choice for building stacks in 2022